Every organization wants their employees to enjoy coming to work and taking care of their customers but there are things that get in the way.  One of those things is a lack of interpersonal or soft skills.  That is people just don’t know how to get along with other people – when the going gets tough.

Larger organizations run programs – often very expensive programs – designed to address some aspect of the relationships that employees have with each other or with the organization’s customers.  These programs are effective for a while but eventually fade into the background as the old cultural norms take hold again.  What’s needed is continuous improvement.

Discovered Truths is one five-minute video per week delivered to every employee.  Each week teaches one small skill.  This skill can be experienced in the “scrap time” that an employee has.  Maybe they’re early for a meeting and have five minutes to watch the clip.  Maybe they’re waiting on their child to be up at the school function some evening.  Whenever it is, they know that it’s just five-minutes to knowing something more about themselves and their coworkers.

It works because employees want to see the content because it’s more engaging than the training they normally get.  It’s short and practical so they won’t get bored.  It’s also continuous so it doesn’t suffer the same challenges that traditional “programs” do.

Discovered Truths is designed to be scalable and cost effective in ways that solutions like coaching cannot be.  Discovered Truths delivers the same skills to more employees at a sliver of the cost of coaching only a few employees.  Discovered Truths was designed from the outset to be scalable across the organization so that everyone could benefit from improved skills.

The content is based on the wisdom of over 200 books spanning psychology, adoption, marketing, and other topics.  Each specific topic is distilled into just the most important aspects that every employee needs to know.  Sign up below to find out more about how the program works and how you can use it in your organization.

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