Another program.  Another initiative.  Another push.  There’s no shortage of attempts to elevate employee engagement and to improve the workplace.  Some work.  Some don’t.  Some only work for a while – but why?  The answer lies at the heart of how we learn.

Contrary to the desire to be able to plug in and download knowledge like in the matrix or the model of teachers lifting the top of our heads and pouring knowledge in – we simply don’t learn that way.  We don’t have an infinite capacity to learn.  We can only learn so much before our brains can’t process any more.

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We learn by building connections. We learn by experiencing, integrating, and then building on that knowledge.  We don’t learn in waves.  We learn in slow continual drips.  We learn through continuous work.


We’re not looking to improve only a few privileged executives.  We believe that our best way to raise everyone’s boat is to raise the water level.  We’re not going to lift a few select executives up and help them be better – we’re going to help everyone be better.


Too many people are held back by a lack of interpersonal and leadership skills.  Too few people realize that there are resources to allow them to develop these skills and enjoy more personal satisfaction in addition for opportunities for better jobs.  They’re held back by the invisible barrier of “I don’t know how.”

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